Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) 3.0: Repair your browser after it has been  hijacked by Spyware or browser hijacker.

Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) 3.0

Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) is a safe and easy-to-use tool that recovers your browser after it has been hijacked by Spyware, Adware, browser hijacker. Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) wills scan your registry and fix IE Homepage, IE Default Page, IE Search Page, BHOs, IE Menu, Internet Options, IE Search Hooks, IE Toolbars, IE Context Menu, Registry.Hundreds of known browser hijacker defines help you find out who had changed your browser.

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CleanMantra 4.0: CleanMantra provides total cleaning of unwanted files & information from your PC

CleanMantra 4.0

Deletes all the hidden contents, frees disc space, provides shield for active protection and supports large number of popular plugins. Not just a Wash, Clean or Shred tool, PCMantra`s CleanMantra comes with an Active Protection Shield providing security against Browser Hijack, Privacy trespassing. All the web pages you view, music you listen to, emails you send and receive, graphics you view are being stored in your hard disc in hidden files.

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AdBin - Windows Hosts file editor 1.0.0: AdBin is an easy to use windws hosts file editor to  help block ads

AdBin - Windows Hosts file editor 1.0.0

AdBin is a free, easy to use windows hosts file editor, well suited for blocking ad servers which aids in preventing annoying ads and in preventing web browser hijackings. Web browsing made faster and safer. Merge lists easily with interface. Features include No spyware, no ads, no banners. Easy to use menus, convenient right mouse clicks on the windows system tray, drag and drop file merging, tip of the day, help. Link for hosts files.

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Browser Sentinel 3.0: Powerful tool against  hijacking, infection with viruses, spyware and adware.

Browser Sentinel 3.0

Browser Sentinel brings a brand new level of protection to your system. It monitors critical zones of your PC for all kinds of threats, regardless of what software is trying to cause problems. It will alert you and help to remove adware, trojans, keyloggers and other Internet parasites. Browser Sentinel does not use a database of known intruders, and is, thus, extremely fast and efficient. Browser Sentinel is as useful for end-users as it is for

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Recover Lost Files Automatically 9.61: Recover lost Files - Recover Files, Recover lost Files Automatically

Recover Lost Files Automatically 9.61

recover lost documents from memory card? How to recover lost files from broken drive? Automatically recover lost files - with the file Recovery Software. Recover lost Files - Download recovery tool at Recover lost files - from Any location: ~ Recover lost files from Computer ~ Recover lost files from Hard drive ~ Recover lost files from Memory card ~ Recover lost files from Camera ~ Recover lost files from Camcorder ~ Recover

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Recover Formatted Files, Photos, Video 4.93: Recover formatted Files, Recover formatted Photos, Recover formatted Music

Recover Formatted Files, Photos, Video 4.93

recover files. How to recover formatted files? How can I recover formatted files from formatted camera / recover formatted files from camcorder / recover formatted files from hard drive / recover formatted files from music player? Recover files - automatically with the file Recovery software. Recover formatted Files - Download software at Recover formatted Files - Everywhere: ~ Recover formatted files - recover files on Memory

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XMicro Antispyware (Vista Compatible) 5.0.0: AntiSpy finds and removes spying and advert-displaying programs from your PC

XMicro Antispyware (Vista Compatible) 5.0.0

AntiSpy finds and removes spying and advert-displaying programs from your computer. Spyware snooping on your system, secretly monitoring and broadcasting your computer activities pose serious security and privacy issues. Spyware make the system slow by continuously trying to connect to the internet. Most spyware install hooks to monitor keyboard activity & internet activity

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Download to Recover Erased Files 4.27: Download Software to Recover erased Files - Download Now

Download to Recover Erased Files 4.27

Download Software to Recover erased Files - Download Now: to Recover erased files, recover erased Erased files, recover erased Deleted files, recover erased files from Formatted drive. How to recover erased files? How to restore files? How can I recover erased files from broken drive? How do I recover erased files from formatted drive? Recover erased Files - Download file Recovery software at

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Recover Videos and Recover Video Files 8.16: Recover Videos and Recover Video Files, Restore Videos

Recover Videos and Recover Video Files 8.16

Recover Videos - Download video recovery software at Recover Videos - Everywhere: ~ Recover videos from Computer ~ Recover videos from Video collection ~ Recover videos from Hard drive ~ Recover videos, restore video files, recover deleted videos - now Recover videos from Camcorder ~ Recover video files, undelete videos, unerase videos - now Recover videos from Memory card Video recovery software can Recover files from All types of

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Recover Previous versions of Files Pro 9.31: Recover Previous versions of Files - Recover Files, Recover deleted files

Recover Previous versions of Files Pro 9.31

Recover Previous versions of Files - How can I recover previous file version? How to recover previous version of file? Recover files, recover deleted files and restore previous file version - easily with the previous file version recovery Software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) corp. Recover files, recover deleted files, recover Word document previous version with the recovery software. Recover Files - Download software at

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